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costuming continuation…

So, now my boots have finally arrived, and I am ready to dremmel out some of the plastic in the armor in order to try to alleviate “armor pinch”. 

The last time I wore the costume, I was at the zoo and we were there for about 2 hours tromping around all of the exhibits at Halloween.  I was nearly crippled where the armor pinched me (behind the kneecaps, and where the arm bends at the elbow), and I have been dreading putting the suit on again until I healed, got my boots, and had some spare time after the holidays to bring out the glue and sanding materials.

So now the time has come where I am available, and ready to work the magic, so to speak!  I’ll post pictures after I’ve gotten all the kinks out of the suit.

c’ya later.


Stormtrooper me…

So, I thought of something interesting (to me) that’s worth mentioning.  I finally was able to purchase the parts for, and to make my first “real” stormtrooper outfit.  This costume has been in the plans for over 7 years now, and I’ve been saving up about $5 per month since then, and now I finally “bit the bullet”, and bought the plastic.

This outfit was exceedingly fun to make, but my husband thought I was literally out of my mind.  I love to build models, and I am obsessed with anything Star Wars (barring the expanded universe).  The few difficult things about this suit is:

#1: There are no directions, as in “there is no one true way to build a suit.”  I had to go online, watch others’ with their builds, and extrapolate the design from their attempts.  Really difficult if you don’t have the modelling mind-set my Dad gifted me with.

#2: It took figuratively FOREVER for the suit to get to me, and I missed a few key appearances (sci-fi conventions and the like), though I was able to appear at my son’s Halloween party at school.  He was SOOO thrilled!

3#: I am not the size of an anorexic British actor from the late 70’s – early 80’s.  I apparently have a bad case of “thunder thighs” that had to be considered with copious ammounts of shimming plastic.  But you can not really tell, and I love the outfit anyways.

Well, thanks for the read, and I hope to have other interesting things to post when I end up having a life 😀


Like the sound a cat makes as it’s hacking up a hairball, I am forcing words to come out of my mouth (figuratively speaking, of course).  I am used to working in the calm, cool realm of mathematics, where there is almost always an answer that can be discovered, and treading ankle-deep in the waters of writing what you’re thinking – hack, gack!

Oh well, here’s attempt #2 at keeping a blog.  I attempted a blog earlier on but noticed that it is usually on average 1 1/2 years between posts.  Not a very good record, so I’ll try better.  We’ll see if I have anything interesting to mention about my life 😉

Hope there’s something for you to enjoy!